I’m Dida (also known as Buzyw2).  Both of those nicknames have a story behind them.  But you sort of already knew that I suppose.

I like wine, genealogy and researching my crazy ancestors, volunteering (I’m a glutton for punishment), gardening (actually this would qualify as finding the best way not to kill things that will probably die if I plant them anyway), long walks on the beach naked, face-palming about really stupid customer service and other idiotic actions (like people’s complete inability to learn how to spell or write coherent sentences), politically incorrect issues, reading (especially science fiction and long drawn out comedies and tragedies such as those written by Shakespeare), puns and humor, freaking people out by playing the devil’s advocate, and just generally being a pain in the rear.

OK … I haven’t been very honest, I guess.  Maybe not long walks on the beach naked.  Probably not even a 10 yard sprint wearing a one piece swimsuit at this point in my life.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my comments and observations.  If you don’t, it’s OK.



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